Boiler Water Treatment

Syntec designs and implements chemical treatment programs for a wide class of steam plants from high pressure utility and combined cycle units to commercial heating boilers. Whatever the technology, however, the same attention to detail is given to every aspect of the system, in order to provide optimum control of scale, deposition, corrosion and steam purity and the best energy utilization possible.

Cutting Edge Chemistry

The latest developments in polymer chemistry and deposit control are incorporated into every product we make. The widest range of neutralizing and filming amines in the industry for condensate corrosion control as well as the latest oxygen scavenger technologies including amine neutralized isoascorbic acid and DEHA assure you the most reliable boiler operation and the lowest energy costs possible. Our treatment programs cover the widest possible range of boiler applications including: Scale and deposit control in high pressure systems, corrosion control through passivation and direct scavenger chemistry, condensate corrosion protection with neutralizing and filming amines, chelation chemistry, all-polymer programs and all volatile treatments (AVT).

Most Syntec products have appropriate FDA Authorizations for use in food plants where steam may contact edible products.

Technical Papers

Guidelines for Boiler Blowdown & Cycles of Concentration
Boiler Pretreatment Matrix