Cooling Water Treatment


Whether your cooling water application is an industrial process system with high heat flux across a mild steel heat exchanger or a commercial cooling system serving a centrifugal chiller in a large metropolitan high-rise, one fact is certain: Unscheduled outages due to deposits or corrosion on the waterside surfaces of a cooler are totally unacceptable. Syntec makes the widest range of corrosion, deposit control and microbiological control agents available in the industry.

The latest in polymer chemistry technology combined with both anodic and cathodic protection in a single package are the hallmarks of our Poly-Hib line of cooling water inhibitors. From All-Organic treatments to Alkaline Phosphate we offer a complete system of corrosion and deposit control second to no one in the industry.

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Closed Loop Cooling

Most chilled water systems will incorporate an open recirculating cooling water system with a cooling tower for condenser cooling. To control impurities, chilled water loops need close monitoring and chemical treatment.

The proper application of the right chemistry to the application is critical to the assurance of success in a well-engineered water treatment program; and with over 40 years experience its good to know that we have probably seen problems like yours more than just a few times.

Technical Papers

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