Industries We Serve

interior gas boiler room with multiple pumps and piping

Manufacturing Facilities

Syntec Corporation treats steam plants, cooling water both HVAC and process water and closed recirculating loops. Water treatment in industrial plants is often related directly to production and profit, therefore, these facilities carefully evaluate their water treatment vendors.  Since 1973, Syntec Corporation has been providing cost-effective, environmentally responsible boiler and cooling water treatment programs for these industries.


Commercial Real Estate

All commercial buildings have HVAC systems and most require some form of water treatment. Heating boilers, centrifugal or absorption chillers for air conditioning, cooling towers, and recirculated loops associated with HVAC are all included in the systems Syntec Corporation treats in commercial buildings.


Hospitals/Health Care Industry

Systems treated in hospitals and health care industries include heating boilers, air conditioning systems, closed recirculating loops associated with heating and cooling,  and disinfection programs for potable water systems.


Educational Institutions

From single building school systems to large university campuses; from small heat pump systems to large chilled water plants and vast underground steam systems – Syntec Corporation provides its educational customers with reliable products and services at competitive prices.