Technical Support

The Program Support

It begins with a detailed plant survey and water analysis along with meetings with operations personnel and management to determine the current state of the water treatment, the condition of the equipment and the potential energy savings associated with a Syntec designed program. We help you get from where you are presently to where you need to be, and we stay with you every step of the way, constantly refining, testing and optimizing the program to insure that once we achieve our operating targets we stay there while constantly developing new goals.

Syntec Service Approach

Water treatment means far more than just supplying chemicals. It means the most cost effective product application, follow-up analytical testing, corrosion monitoring, biological testing, installation and design of chemical feed and control instrumentation, and much more. In order to accomplish this, Syntec has a trained staff of technical service personnel whose responsibility is to visit every customer plant site on a regular, pre-determined basis to monitor and report on all of the conditions which may impact the treatment program and equipment performance.

Syntec Service Commitment

As your water treatment consultant, Syntec Corporation wants to become an integral part of your organization. In order to have a successful water treatment process: it is necessary to set agreed-upon requirements and to make sure that these requirements are strictly adhered to:

The most important element in meeting the requirements of monitoring and control is the plant operator. Our proven ability to work with your operators and train them to respond to changing system conditions and evaluate parameters, is the key to our success.

We have available technical information on our entire line of boiler and cooling water products, service and diagnostic programs, and external treatment equipment applications. Go to our Technical Resources section to download free technical reprints relating to your system.