Product Spotlight


Sanosil C

Sanosil C is approved for use as an oxidizing biocide for microbial control in recirculating water systems, air washers, pasteurizer cooling water systems, and pulp and paper mill systems. Sanosil C does not alter the pH value of treated water and can be used in cooling towers operating in a pH range from 2 to 9. Its optimal antimicrobial effect is reached at a pH of 7.

Sanosil C is:

  • Effective in organically contaminated liquids
  • Non-toxic: not carcinogenic or mutagenic
  • Tasteless and odorless
  • Effective at killing Legionella, E. Coli and Biofilm
  • Delivers long term disinfecting action
  • Biodegradable: leaves no toxic by-products like chlorites, THM (Trihalomethanes) or Haloacetic Acids (Haa5) in the environment
  • Decomposes into water, oxygen and non-toxic silver complexes

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