Speciality Services

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Syntec Corporation Mechanical Services Group provides the following services to Mechanical Contractors:

  • Chemical flushing of new piping systems to remove oil and grease
  • Potable Water Sterilization required for building occupancy permit
  • Chemical Feed Equipment for all types of water systems
  • Bulk delivery and installation of glycol for closed recirculated piping systems
  • Glycol Feed Systems for closed recirculating water systems

Syntec Corporation Mechanical Services Group is trained to perform the following cleaning services:

  • Boiler De-Scale Cleanings
  • Pre-Operational Boiler Cleanings
  • Cooling Tower Cleanings

Our cleaning specialists are highly trained in hazardous communication including the right-to-know program, use of personal protective equipment, lock-out/tag-out procedures, confined space entry, safe chemical handling procedures, chemical spill response and respiratory protection. At the conclusion of the cleaning work, we provide a written report using before and after photographs to validate our cleaning procedure and provide you with a written report.

Cooling Tower Cleaning Services

We’ve developed the latest detergent and dispersant technology as well as state-of-the-art cleaning techniques to make your tower perform. Our Pre-Fac cleaning chemistry technology is cutting edge and quite simply unsurpassed in the removal of a wide range of cooling tower deposits. Reduce your operating and maintenance costs by maintaining the critical link in your air conditioning or process cooling system in top condition with a regular cleaning program.

Protect your Investment, Your Personnel and your Bottom Line.