Consulting Services

With over 41 years of design and consulting services for boiler and cooling water systems, we can help clients decrease energy consumption, examine new technologies, reduce carbon footprint, reduce water consumption or just solve corrosion or deposition issues.

We offer Legionella testing and consulting services designed to help clients manage their risk. ASHRAE 188P is a risk management standard that establishes requirements for prevention of Legionella associated with water systems. Contact a Syntec representative and learn more about this standard and how to manage Legionella in your system.

From sizing a dealkalizer system for your boiler water pre-treatment to using the safest cleaning technologies on a large chiller system in a regional data center facility, we have the staff and expertise ready to help you.

We have the chemicals, equipment or consultation that gives you the edge to meet today’s water management issues.

Technical Papers

ASHRAE 188P: Prevention of Legionellosis Associated with Building Water Systems
Legionella 2003: An Update and Statement by the Association of Water Technologies (AWT)