Control & Monitoring Equipment

Syntec Corporation has a complete engineering department to assist you in choosing the right products, the design of a custom system to meet your requirements today & tomorrow, or to troubleshoot the repair of any existing equipment. We supply a wide range of controllers including boiler and cooling water blowdown and feed/bleed systems with programmable software, ORP Controllers for oxidizing biocides, chemical metering pumps and pumping systems, remote monitoring controllers, and a wide array of ancillary equipment for every water treatment application.

Using a simple system approach, an individual controller unit can control 1 to 4 independent systems. Each one of these systems can be configured with the functions your application requires.

Monitoring and Control Options Include:

  • Conductivity
  • Make-Up Conductivity
  • ORP Millivolts
  • Temperatures
  • Saturation Indexing
  • Digital Inputs
  • Water Meter Inputs
  • Auxiliary Flowmeter Inputs
  • PPM
  • Web Advantage Remote Monitoring

Get the Web Advantage and stay connected to your controllers! Web Advantage keeps you in constant contact with all of your on-line controllers at one time over the web. Web Advantage uses web based communications with the newest, most reliable and secure server technology for connection control and history management. An exclusive summary view lets you check the status of all your connected controllers screen. Email alerts from the server ensure that users are kept informed of any alarm conditions, including disconnection and power loss encountered by remote controllers.